Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Indulgence - The 'SPA'

The term spa is associated with water treatment which is also known as balneotherapy, spa towns or spa resorts offering such treatment, or the medication or equipment for such treatment. The term thus has various related meanings - wikipedia

To me it’s simply a time to rejuvenate and distressed. I look forward to a spa session provided I cud find time for indulgence. My two favourite place so far wud be Serenity spa and Andana spa. Both located at shah alam.

Serenity spa is owned by Puan Mona who is also the founder of leesa formula, what I like most bout the place is the bali style deco n ambience plus they have great n well trained masseus. I couldn’t get enough of their urut aka massage. They provide good ‘after confinement ‘package and for tudung wearing ladies fret not cos the shah alam center is catered only for women. Yezzzaaa… was a relief for me too knowing i wud have to walk around half naked!!! Hahaha

Andana spa on the other hand is more modern n open space. The Jacuzzi was a size of an indoor pool complete with water massage. Here you will be provided with food which is the next best thing after all those detoxifying…yuuppp trust me..U wont regret it. I end up having every single thing on the menu..Yesss it was THAT good. Ohhh n u get to stay as long as u wish...but of course the massage was only provided once!!!

So to join me for my next trip to the spa???

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