Thursday, January 10, 2013


Ola ladies, hope u girls are doing great. Remember random pics of my scraproom. Here's sharing what it looks like exactly! eeerrr after the clean up that is. I still have boxes at around the corners of the room, no time to clear that one up. Too many precious junk i call it. Didn't get to throw it away cos i might wanna used it one day. 

I wish to add more railing and hanging wire baskets. Hhhmmm hoping to get to do that one weekend. Perhaps before the new month starts. Have you check out Papier blog? We have so much going on this year. Please drop by to see it for yourself.

Gotta run, have a nice day all..:)


Sharon Corn said...

oh wow, what a super lovely space u have. New space, new creativity. Congrats!! :)

Naddy said...

Cantiknya ur scraproom :)