Friday, January 4, 2013

Melaka Trip

Happy New Year peeps! Better late wishing than never! Lol. Wow i have so much to achieve in 2013. A long lists of to do and i'm all set to make it happen this year. A simple task goes a long way in making a difference. I never wish for the moon or stars but simply wishing for a better tomorrow.

Anyhow not gonna list it down here. It's tuck neatly in my heart and mind. So the last week of 2012 was spend with my sil and family at Melaka. The first for most of us and the new melaka that i have not been in ages is so much more interesting than before. Well of course, the last time i was here was probably about 10 years ago? So near yet so far! Hahaha. Glad i visited. I've got awesome shots of Melaka that i'd like to share here.

Will come back with more projects in 2013. Yup getting in groove with Project Life too..:)

See ya peeps!


sandi said...

Fabulous pics! TFS!

Blossom inch said...

HNY to you too...

Melaka is so much different nowadays and what a nice pics.