Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Random 14Dec2011

Been a great day today. All because i didn't have to do much house chores! lol. I had my weekly cleaners came in for 2 hours and the house is basically spotless clean and also the garden been taken care of by a random grass cutter who happens to pass by the area and offered to cut the grass for a mere RM20! Bless!!!

So what did i do with the extra hour at hand? I did a bunch of headbands for my girl! Yippeeee. I bought the metal band at a local shop and i'm happy to finally get the chance to decorate it! Ally love em to bits and decided to keep em all for herself! I ask if i cud share and with a stern voice she said NO! lol. Guess i'll have to get more!

Anyway here sharing a layout i did for Papier blog posting on monday. This one is a simple one, frankly speaking i was tired when i whipped up a last minute work for that piece as i just got home from Kuching. So yeah, not my best and certainly not my favs. I promise to have something better next week. 

Have a good night everyone..:)))


Blossom inch said...

thats a whole loads of headbands and beautiful indeed.

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Awww... your pretty girl is going to look even prettier with those lovely headband.

Lynnda Hosni said...

I really want to meet Princess Ally... you rocked those hairbands... they are girly gorgeous... and what a fabulous layout Sista... I'm so excited... I'm gonna meet you soon!! InshaAllah... hugs..xoxo

Sabrina said...

She looks exactly like you in the first picture, especially your eyes. So pretty :)