Saturday, December 17, 2011

Made To Order-Card

Great day! Love saturday, love teaching, love hanging out with the kids. Yes all of that today! lol. I figure out of all the things that i taught at Papier, layout is still my number one fav's! There's no describing the special feelings i have with designing a 12x12 page. It feels magical just to see a completed layout by my student! Bliss!!!

Anyway today i'd like to share a card made to order from a friend for a bf birthday. She loves pink and purple and i tried to used mostly those colors requested. I decided to go with a different approach other than the conventional looking card i'm used too. This time i create a pocket and a tag. Embellishment comes pretty easy as i had most of the items scattered around my scrap table.

I whip this out in a hurry as i only have so little time to spend creating nowadays. It's a tough thing really trying to juggle house chores, kids, scrapping and classes in between. I have to admit at times i just feel like giving up..totally! Was thinking to forget about scrapping for the time being and yeah that's the sound of frustration right now. Seriously, i had so much ideas to execute but so little time! Please pray i get through this phase in my life without going insane!

Thanks for still being here for me. Your comment and support really means the world to me! *hugs*.


teacher jessy said...

YOu created a beautiful card, dear!! Glad that you are enjoying the process of creating :)

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

That is a beautiful card, I really admired you, the energy to juggled with so many things, especially hard when the kids are younger, hang in there, you will be fine!!!

Lynnda Hosni said...

Pretty card Ame... hugs..xoxo