Sunday, February 24, 2013

Challenging February

Hey all, again sorry for the lack of updates. As the title say it, it was a challenging February for moi n family. My son Alif was hospitalised for a serious allergy reaction. The cause could be a combination of food and virus which doc said could have trigger something in his body. I'm glad he's back home with us now after spending 4 days at KPJ Selangor. 

I have not been creating much too. Everything was put on hold as I've been commuting daily from home to the hospital. Seriously I can't bare to spend a moment more in that hospital room. It makes my body weak and yeah drag my mood down and at times I feel tired for no reason! Pray to god things gonna be better from now onwards. 

Anyway here's sharing few photo's of my previous project that I've been posting at papier blog. Till next time. Take care peeps and thanks for still being here..:)


sandi said...

Wow! What fabulous creations! <3!

Naddy said...

Beautiful LOs...