Monday, September 17, 2012

Hari Raya at My Crib

Hey peeps. It seems previously all i shared here is about my crafty journey. So here's something new! I'm gonna alternate my blogging with a lil bit of life and scrapping! How's that? Eeerrmmm things are getting a lil bit boring for some who drop by my blog eehhh! Lol...

Okay here's my recent photos of a small gathering at my crib. We keep it pretty small crowd this time with only family n close friends. Hhhmmm i kind of love the idea cos i have more time chatting and not worrying about the food! Perhaps i should do this next year too! Lol

I ordered most of the food. We have Satay, Mandy rice, mom's beef curry, sarawak laksa (prepared by moi! Eehheemmm) fruit salad etc.

My bff's get to hang around my studio! Hahaha. No classes yet. Lol and they get to taste awesome coffee prepared from my Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine! I tell you..i cant live without it! Hahahaha..

Okay peeps got to run. Gotta pick up d kIds from mom's :))))


Lynnda said...

Looks like ton of fun there!!! Love your lovely photos... you are so pretty!!!...hugs..xoxo

Blossom inch said...

great foods with great people, my eyes are drooling seeing those foods!

Helen Tilbury said...

Beautiful photos and all that food looks totally yummo!!